Device Transfer of Ownership

How to transfer your device ownership to your buyer or new vendo owner

Posted by jer on 2020-05-22 00:00:00

Note: In transferring your device ownership, following conditions may apply:

  • If the device doesn't have a license it will be transferred as it is.
  • If the device has a license during ownership transfer, the license will be included on the ownership transfer.
  • Onwership transfer is not applicable for license only it should be binded or assigned on a device.




  • Navigate to Device tab, look for the devcie you wish to transfer and click manage button.


  • On device management, click on Ownership tab and  enter the email address of the recipient(it must have been registered to and click Transfer Ownership.


  • You must see a success confirmation after pressing transfer ownsership button. 
  • You can then re-send the email confirmation or recall.


  • A confirmation email must be received and confirm by the recipient in order to finish the transaction
  • After the confirmation, the recepient must see the transferred device on his/her account